Audition and Membership: 2021-2022 Season

Join the family! Sing for the Bach Choir

To join the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh as a new member, you will participate in a musical audition.  For the 2021-2022  season audition, you may download and complete the Audition Form below and submit it to or, if you cannot attend a live audition, submit the form with a video recording of your accompanied audition.  Returning Bach Choir members do not need to fill in the audition form or submit an audition.


DOWNLOAD HERE: 2021-2022 Audition Form

For details and to schedule a time, contact our auditions coordinator, Carter Wellons, using the form at the bottom of the page.

Auditions for the 2021-2022 season will be held on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 in the evening by appointment. Please complete the form below if you are interested in scheduling an audition.


Core Auditions

Bach Choir of Pittsburgh supports a professional core of paid singers. These positions are selected based on core auditions and held for one season at a time. Those interested in auditioning for the professional core will sing two memorized songs in different languages. They will need to bring copies of their music for the accompanist. Core auditions require demonstrating knowledge of music theory and terminology, chords and intervals. Sight singing will be required. Core auditions are ten minutes in length.


Video Auditions

If you cannot audition in person on August 31 then you may submit a video recording of your prepared piece(s) for consideration (prepared pieces must include an accompaniment). However, a separate Zoom interview will need to be scheduled to complete the sight singing (both non-core and core auditions) and oral/aural (core auditions only) portions of your audition. All video auditions must be submitted by August 28.

Audition Process

Regular Member  Auditions:

  • Sing one prepared piece (bring music for the accompanist)
  • Sight sing

Core Auditions:

  • Sing two memorized songs in two different languages. (bring music for the accompanist)
  • Sight sing.
  • Oral testing (keys, chords, musical terms, etc.) and aural tests (scales, intervals, etc.) will also be part of your audition session

For singers whose are chosen to join the choir, an orientation session for new members will be held when rehearsals start in the fall.

All choir members must re-audition for each season.

Membership Information

To join the Choir is an opportunity to participate in making great music together with the conductor and your fellow singers, and a expectation to attend the rehearsals and the concerts for the entire season. The Choir’s rehearsal and subscription season runs from late August through early May.

Rehearsals are held each Tuesday evening from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm at Rodef Shalom Congregation, 4905 Fifth Avenue in Oakland. Rehearsals usually begin the first Tuesday after Labor Day and end in early May following the last scheduled season concert. There are two dress rehearsals, typically the Thursday and Friday evening before each concert weekend, which all members are required to attend. Concerts are typically Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. A half-day, Saturday choir retreat may also be required during the fall or spring, depending on the difficulty of the music and concert schedule.

Choir members are expected to pay dues to the organization each year. Dues for this season are $195 ($165 for students and seniors [65+]). Dues help cover a small portion of expenses related to music purchase and copying, artistic and administrative staff, liability insurance, and concert venue rental. If paid prior to September 28th there is a $10 discount ($185 and $155). Payment schedules can be arranged and there is a small scholarship pool for those needing help.

Concert dress for women is a solid black one-piece dress or two-piece top/skirt combination. Men wear a black tuxedo with black bowtie and a white shirt.