2023 BachDay Bash!

Sunday, June 11 from 5:00PM – 10:00PM
Willow Restaurant
634 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

The Bach Choir of Pittsburgh invites you to a beautiful evening of celebration and entertainment at the Willow Restaurant, located on Camp Horne Road. We will be acknowledging our valued contributors and treating our guests to live entertainment, a silent auction, delicious eats catered by Willow and libations. Join us as the BCP takes over the entire restaurant for this private, VIP event!

Ample parking available at the restaurant.

“One has to admire Artistic Director and Conductor Thomas Douglas for thinking out of the proverbial box when it comes to choral music.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Singing with our Hearts


The Bach Choir of Pittsburgh would like to thank not only its choir members who participated in our Peer-to-Peer fundraiser, but also those who donated in honor of participating singers towards our programming. We raised over an astounding 18K in contributions. We will be sharing more information around this first ever successful fundraiser in our March Newsletter!

2022-2023 Season

Artistic Statement

Thomas W. Douglas

With no shortage of creative ideas, this year the Bach Choir will venture into music inspired by the face cards found in a standard deck of playing cards. The continuing goal is to present music in new and exciting ways and to reach a broad audience with a diverse set of musical offerings. The King is reminiscent of royalty and coronations, a perfect corridor into the Coronation Anthems and the Coronation Mass. The Jack is a little trickier. Also considered the Knave, a dishonest or unscrupulous man, we turn to the outrageous musical parodies of PDQ Bach and other “Jacks.”  But what could be more perfect than the music of Freddie Mercury and Queen sung by the choir rounding off the year of the “Full House!”

KINGS: The Coronation Anthems of Handel & the Coronation Mass of Mozart
In “Kings” the choir will perform the stately music of Handel and Mozart as a nod to royalty. The Coronation Anthems and the Coronation Mass in collaboration with Warren Davidson and the Academy Chamber Orchestra will set a royal tone in November to begin the Bach Choir’s 2022-23 season.

JACKS: Knaves and Fools – PDQ Bach and other Jacks
The second part of the season will begin with “Jacks,” the knave with his sword, tights and funny hat, not royalty but in service to the monarch. The comedy of Peter Schickele (PDQ Bach) will tickle us all with its lively music accompanied by the incomparable Jim Burns in collaboration with Warren Davidson and the Academy Chamber Orchestra. Also featured are other “Jacks” like Jack Parton and Jacques Offenbach.

QUEENS: The Music of Queen
The season will end with the music of the great and celebrated British rock band “Queen,” honoring the legacy of Freddie Mercury­. The singers of the Bach Choir, a live band with a guest soloist will BRING IT! And a special surprise awaits concert-goers…