OBSESSIONS: Great Opera Choruses

June  3 + 4 at The Maverick Hotel

OBSESSIONS: Great Opera Choruses will ground us with famous, recognized opera choruses and a few less-familiar ones thrown in.  From rousing to intimate, these choruses will stir and heal the soul.  Guest solo artists will complete this evening’s enterprise.

“One has to admire Artistic Director and Conductor Thomas Douglas for thinking out of the proverbial box when it comes to choral music.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



Artistic Statement

Having survived this phase of the Covid pandemic, the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh continues to make strides forward and now returns to the stage for live performances.  The season has been entitled Healing and embraces the position of bringing back live performances to Pittsburgh audiences after months of virtual offerings.

We believe that art does and should imitate life.  The texture of our national landscape this past year has revealed quite clearly the challenging nature of our country’s democracy.  Music has always bridged seemingly insurmountable gaps and we are looking for that to happen once again as the Bach Choir presents this season.

The music was selected specifically keeping the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) in mind.  Uprooted will speak clearly to the Black struggle through slavery, a time in our country that personally left my great-great-grandfather nameless in all of the official records. Pairing the classic movie of Frankenstein with a rhythm and blues and hip-hop score will lift Monster from its traditional genre to an expanded understanding of just what happens when someone plays God. In Obsessions, though the music of opera is generally not considered part of the historical BIPOC experience, the inclusion of a diverse quartet of soloists may be indeed a new concept.

We hope and trust that this season will inspire and challenge you while bringing some healing to you as well.