Group Rates & Discounts

Bring your friends!

  Discounted tickets are available to groups of 8 or more. See below for the latest rates.

Group Ticket Rates

Adults – $20.00 per ticket in advance Seniors – $15.00 per ticket in advance Students – $5.00 per ticket in advance You can mix and match. If your group of 8 or more has some seniors and students, use the senior and student group rates for their ticket prices within the group. For example, a group of 8 with 4 adults, 1 senior and 3 students:
4 adults at $20.00 each $80
1 senior at $15.00 each $15
3 students at $5.00 each $15
TOTAL: $110
Ticket buyer is responsible for:
  • collecting money in advance and submitting to the BCP office
  • providing names of those who are using the tickets to be added to the will call list
To arrange for these special ticket prices, please contact us.