Practice your part along with the guide track.  Play the video backing track on your device (probably on your computer or iPad) and listen with headphones, either earbuds or standard headphones.  You will see Thomas conduct and you will hear the music as in a live performance. You may want to wear one earbud and not the other if you have trouble hearing yourself when singing.  This adjustment will be up to you.

Once you have practiced to your satisfaction, you will record your performance with a device of your choosing (computer/laptop camera, iPad, smart phone, etc).  Be sure that the recording device you choose will capture both audio and visual of your performance.  You may wish to do some tests with the equipment you have, perhaps sing a soft and loud section, go back and listen, and adjust volume settings if necessary.

Please use the guide track marked Core when making your recording.


  • Do anything you can to eliminate background noise, ie. fans, outside noise.
  • Be careful not to cough or clear your throat between phrases that you are singing.
  • Use a well-lit, simple area so that your face is clearly seen.
  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, medium to darker solid colors are best.
  • Record in landscape (like a movie screen). Be sure the top of your head is very close to the top of the screen, but not cut off.  Your face should take up 50% of the screen with your eyes in the upper third of the screen.  Record no lower than your sternum.

Best practices guide for preparing your video

Record your video.


  • The guide track should not be heard in your recording, as you will be listening to it through headphones.
  • Hold your position at the cut-off for 5 seconds before ending your recording.
  • Review your recording to be sure you are happy with your performance.
  • Save and name your recording file.

Upload your video ­by via  By clicking the link below, you will be taken to the WeTransfer site with a Bach Choir recipient email address already in place (  Follow the directions to upload/drag-and-drop, and send your file.